The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide a natural person ‒ data subject ‒ with the information regarding the purpose, extent, protection of the processing of personal data executed by FORLIFT Ltd. when processing personal data of the data subject. Privacy policy on protection of personal data is based on Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter – the Regulation).


1. Controller

1.1. The Controller for the processing of personal data shall be “FORLIFT” Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FORLIFT), unified registration No. 40203168649, legal address Jaunciema gatve 195A, Rīga, LV-1023, Latvia.

1.2. The Controller’s contact details in matters related to the processing of personal data shall be:, Jaunciema gatve 195A, Rīga, LV-1023, Latvia.

2. Scope of application of the Privacy Policy

2.1. Privacy Policy applies to the protection of privacy and personal data in relation to natural persons – customers, including potential, existing and ex‑customers (hereinafter – Customers).

2.2. FORLIFT shall take care of the privacy of the Persons and the protection of personal data, respect the rights of the Persons to lawfulness of the processing of personal data in accordance with Regulation and other regulatory enactments in the field of privacy and data processing applied in the Republic of Latvia.

2.3. The Privacy Policy shall apply to data processing regardless in what form the data are provided (via the controller’s web-page, in paper form or by phone) and in what form these are processed.

2.4. FORLIFT may, for certain types of data processing, lay down additional rules whereof the Customer is informed at the time when he/she provides the relevant data.


3. FORLIFT shall process personal data for the following purposes

3.1. Provision of services and enforcement of the contract. The purpose relates to the provision of services and to the implementation of contracts (transactions) concluded. Processing of personal data shall be carried out on the basis of law and contract (transaction);


3.2. Preparation, conclusion or amending of the contract. The purpose applies to new applications for an existing or new transaction, including services. The processing of personal data shall be carried out on the basis of law or contract (transaction);


3.3. Fulfilment of the contractual commitments and the provision of services;


3.4. Advertising and distribution of services for commercial purposes;


3.5. Examination and processing of applications, complaints and claims;


3.6. Settlement administration, recovery and enforcement of debts. The purpose relates to the activities carried out within the framework of settlements with the person. The processing of personal data shall be carried out on the basis of law and contract (transaction);


3.7. Provision of information to national regulatory authorities and the bodies performing operational activities in the cases and to the extent specified in external regulatory enactments;


3.8. Enforcement of binding regulatory enactments. The purpose relates to the basis for processing of personal data provided for in regulatory enactments, such as areas of accounting, taxes, levies, etc.;


3.9. Organisational management, planning and accounting of FORLIFT (including recording, ensuring processes, services, information systems, personal records, implementation of public relations and social responsibility). The purpose applies to measures for integrated management of an undertaking, including in accordance with national and internationally recognised corporate governance principles, by ensuring control and perfection of internal processes. The processing of personal data shall be carried out on the basis of law, legitimate interest and consent of the person;


3.10. Accounting/financial and tax management. The purpose relates to accounting, tax payments, settlements, etc. We process the personal data on the basis of law and contract (transaction);


3.11. Other specific purposes, whereof the Persons are informed prior to the data provision;


3.12. In any of these cases, LNK shall process Personal Data only to the extent permitted by the specific purpose of the processing.


4. Processing and protection of personal data


4.1. FORLIFT shall process and protect the Personal Data by means of modern technology capabilities, taking into account the existing privacy risks and reasonably available organizational, financial and technical resources.


5. Recipients of personal data, or to whom the data are disclosed


5.1. FORLIFT shall not disclose personal data or any information obtained during the provision of services and during validity of the contract to third parties, except:


5.1.1. if the third party has to transfer the data within the framework of the contract concluded for the purpose of performing any function required for fulfilment of the contract or any function delegated by law (for example, to a bank within the framework of settlements or for the provision of service);


5.1.2. if clear and explicit consent of the data subject has been given;


5.1.3. to the parties provided for in regulatory enactments upon their reasonable request, in accordance with the procedures and to the extent specified therein;


5.1.4. in the cases specified in regulatory enactments, for the protection of legitimate interests of FORLIFT, by application to the courts or other public authorities.


5.2. Personal data may be disclosed to the cooperation partners wherewith FORLIFT has concluded cooperation agreements and there are mutual obligations. Such as for provision of services, provision of delivery (including delivery of parcels and contracts etc., including couriers, mail etc.), quality control (including surveyors), security and protection of the services (cooperation partners providing support for the safety and the protection of employees, customers, visitors, facilities and infrastructure, including security, legal assistance providers etc.) and provision of management (cooperation partners for the management and the provision of organizational, financial management and accounting processes, including auditors, revisers, event organizers etc.).


5.3. Supervisory authorities. For example, market surveillance authorities, law enforcement bodies and rescue services in accordance with regulatory enactments.


5.4. Third parties. For example, natural or legal persons, public authorities, agencies or bodies other than data subjects, managers or processors.


6. Storage of Personal Data

6.1. Personal data are kept only for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes of this Privacy Policy, unless a longer storage period is specified or permitted by the applicable law. The following criteria are used to determine the storage period:


6.1.1. While the contract entered into with the Data Subject is in force;


6.1.2. While FORLIFT or Data Subjects can exercise their legitimate interests in accordance with the procedure provided for in the external laws and regulations (for example, examination of claims, protection of rights, solving issues, taking legal action or observing limitation period, etc.);


6.1.3. While any of the parties has a legal obligation to store the data;


6.1.4. While the Data Subject's consent for the processing of personal data is in force, unless there is another legal basis for data processing.


6.2. Once the criteria referred to in this Paragraph are not applicable, the personal data of Data Subjects are deleted, destroyed or transferred to the State Archives in accordance with the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations.

7. Rights and obligations of Personal Data Subjects


7.1. Data Subject gives a consent for the processing of their personal data (the legal basis of which is such a consent), if required, may be provided on the FORLIFT's website or on site at the FORLIFT's registered address. In all other cases, when the Airport exercises its legal rights in the cases specified in external laws and regulations, Data Subject consent for the processing of their personal data is not required.


7.2. Data Subjects have the right to withdraw (at any time) the consent given for the data processing in the same manner as it was given, that is, on the website or at the FORLIFT's registered address. In such case, further processing of the data based on the above consent for the specific purpose will not be carried out.


7.3. Withdrawal of the consent does not affect the data processing performed at the time when the Data Subject consent was valid.


7.4. With the withdrawal of the consent, such data processing cannot be terminated that is based on other legal grounds.


7.5. Data Subjects may submit a request for the exercise of their rights in written form by presenting a personal identification document or by electronic mail, signed with a secure electronic signature.


7.6. When processing a Data Subject’s request for the exercise of their rights, the FORLIFT verifies the identity of the Data Subject, evaluates the request and executes it in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.


7.7. FORLIFT response will be sent to the Data Subject by registered mail to the indicated contact address.


7.8. FORLIFT ensures fulfilment of data processing and protection requirements in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. In the case of a Data Subject's claim, the FORLIFT shall take all the necessary steps to resolve the claim, but if it fails, the Data Subject is always entitled to contact the supervisory authority – the Data State Inspectorate.


7.9. Data Subjects are required to familiarise themselves with this Privacy Policy of FORLIFT prior to the commencement of the cooperation.

8. Communication with the Customer


8.1. Upon necessity, FORLIFT contacts the Customer using the contact information specified by the Customer (phone number, e mail address, postal address).


8.2. The communication about the performance of contractual obligations is provided by FORLIFT based on a respective contract.


9. Miscellaneous

9.1. FORLIFT has the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy, and the website always contains the latest version of Privacy Policy.


If this Privacy Policy is translated into other languages, then in the case of any contradiction the text in Latvian shall prevail.