Flexible Bollard "Bravo"

Our flexible bollards „Bravo“ absorb the impact energy. In contrast to steel bollards,  energy is absorbed by bollard and floor, vehicle and bollard breaking are reduced. Bollards maid of composite material does not damage the floor and the vehicle this way the maintenance costs are noticeably minimized. 

Due to its robustness and high visibility, the bollard is ideal to be installed on parkings, entrances and for separation of pedestrian areas. The Bollards „Bravo“ are available in diameter of 200 mm and height of 500, 750 and 1200 mm. 

The fixing material is always inclued in the delivery of  Bollards „Bravo“. The fischer ULTRACUT FBS II is the perfect powerful contrete screw for top installation comfort. 

Flexible Bollard "Bravo"

  • Tested to withstand force of (Joule): 2.000 J
    Vehicle weight equivalent (kg): 2.000 kg
    Vehicle equivalent speed (km/h): 5,1 km/h
    Equivalent angle of impact: 90°
    Deflection zone: 250 mm
    Standard Warranty: 5 years
    Certificates: TÜV approved 

    Chemical Resistance: high - ISO/TR 10358
    Temperature Range: -10° up to + 50°


    CO2 / m³: 18,5 kg
    Recyclability: 100%