Flexible Traffic Barrier "Lima"


The flexible Traffic Barrier „Lima“ provides an optimal protection for machines, inventory and employees. 

Due to the heavy-duty double pipes in the lower part and the the safety barrrier above these pipes „Lima“ is the perfect protection for both, pedestrians and machinery. 

Flexible Traffic Barrier "Lima"

SKU: Lima
1 Meter
  • Tested to withdtand force of (Joule):
    Top 2.500 J / Bottom 10.000 J
    Vehicle weight equivalent (kg): 5.000 kg
    Vehicle equivalent speed (km/h): 7,2 km/h
    Equivalent angle of impact: 90°
    Deflection zone: 250 mm
    Standard Warranty 5 years

    Chemical Resistance: high - ISO/TR 10358
    Temperature Range: -10° up to + 50°

    CO2 / m³: 18,5 kg
    Recyclability: 100%