HP05 pendant control station

HP05 SERIES – Ergonomic pendant control station with five push buttons for hoist



Bi-directionality is mechanically interlocked;
IP65 Double insulation (IEC / EN 60529);
Laser engraved symbols according to EN 60204-1, FEM 9.941;
Shock proof and heat resistant;
Available versions: for single or double speed motors;
Available with UL/CSA requirements.



Small hoist


Codes configuration

HP05 - 4 x single speed push buttons

HP05.D2 - 2 x single speed push butons, 2 x double speed push butons

HP05.D4 - 4 x double speed push buttons

HP05 pendant control station

    • EAC certificate
      Nr. TC:      RU C-NL.AB24.B.06129
      Serial Nr. RU:      0552340
      Issue date: 17/06/2016
    • CE certificate
      Nr.: Strawinskylaan 1105 - 1077 XX AMSTERDAM (NL)
      Issue date: 27/08/2019
    • CCC certificate
      Nr. 2009010302337287
      Issue date: 14/05/2019