Flexible Rack-End Protection Bumper „Golf“


The flexible Rack-End Barriers „Golf“ protect the rack ends in outdoor and indoor use. Once installed, the rack end is not in direct contact with the rack to be protected. This allows the rack end protection to absorb the impact energy. Cost and time consuming maintenance work will be reduced to the minimum. The moveable cuffs additionally absorb the impact energy.  

The double rack end is for driveways with heavy pallet trucks.  

The fixing material is always inclued in the delivery of Rack-End Barriers „Golf“. The fischer ULTRACUT FBS II is the perfect powerful contrete screw for top installation comfort.

Flexible Rack-End Protection Bumper „Golf“

  • Tested to withstand force of (Joule):
    DFRE 1-2 + DFRE 2-2: 10.000 J
    DFRE 1-4 + DFRE 2-4: 2.500 J
    Vehicle weight equivalent (kg):
    DFRE 1-2 + DFRE 2-2: 5.000 kg
    DFRE 1-4 + DFRE 2-4: 2.000 kg
    Vehicle equivalent speed (km/h):
    DFRE 1-2 + DFRE 2-2: 7,2 km/h
    DFRE 1-4 + DFRE 2-4: 5,7 km/h
    Equivalent angle of impact: 90°
    Deflection zone: 250 mm
    Standard Warranty: 5 years
    Certification: TÜV approved

    Chemical Resistance: high - ISO/TR 10358
    Temperature Range: -10° up to + 50°

    CO2 / m³: 20 kg
    Recyclability: 100%