Forkview reach truck set

ForkView: camera system for forklifts makes material handling efficient


Save valuable time and reduce the risk of accidents with the ForkView camera system for forklifts. This robust and compact camera monitor system from Stoneridge-Orlaco provides the driver of a forklift or reach truck with a perfect view of the fork. ForkView therefore increases safety in the warehouse, saves time when moving goods and creates a more ergonomic environment for drivers.

On the monitor the Forkview system shows the operator the view along the fork. This allows correct positioning of the fork. Shoulder and neck muscles need not be strained anymore. Also correct positioning of loads reduces damages.

The Forkview system has a camera mounted at the inside of the right-hand side fork. The robust monitor comes with a fully adjustable clamp bracket that is mounted on the reach trucks guardrail.


Drilling holes in the fork is only allowed with formal permission of the fork manufacturer. To mount the camera with M6 bolts, holes of 11mm deep are drilled, resulting in 9mm effective thread. This is 1.5 times the length of a M6 bolt and is sufficient to hold the M6 bolt.

Forkview reach truck set

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  • Increases safety

    Poor visibility around forklifts is one of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace. The cause is often poor visibility. When a forklift truck is carrying a load, the front area is completely obscured, which creates a number of blind spots. Fitting cameras to a forklift increases safety by giving the driver direct visibility of the floor in front of the truck. Cameras provide a clear view of obstacles and of areas that would otherwise be blind spots, helping to prevent accidents.

    Improves ergonomics

    The ergonomically positioned monitor allows drivers to adopt a natural viewing position, which means they no longer have to look up at an awkward angle. The image on the monitor gives the driver a clear view from the fork. This relieves strain on the neck and shoulder muscles, reducing absence caused by sickness and increasing productivity.

    Robust quality

    ForkView consists of a camera, a monitor and a dynamic cable. The entire camera system is waterproof, shockproof and works in the most extreme temperatures (-40°C to +85°C). ForkView is therefore suitable for the most demanding of conditions, such as in cold stores.

    Work twice as fast

    A camera system gives drivers a better view, which saves time and increases productivity. A driver can work twice as fast using ForkView as without a camera system. The camera system therefore quickly pays for itself by reducing damage and increasing efficiency and driver comfort.