Warning Line on Floor for Forklifts


This ultra compact safety light (62 mm x 53 mm) produces a warning line which marks the vehicle contours on the floor in order to eliminate vehicle / pedestrians accidents. Vignal Systems have developed a range of forklift safety warning lights to make workplace processes safer. The safety lighting range ensures a visible sharp-edged warning signal on the floor for an increased safety environment. The range includes the warning line work light available in red and blue, demarcating the area around the forklift; increasing individual’s awareness of the presence of moving hazards.


Key benefits

Approval: EMC (ECE R10)

IP Protection: IP67

10/80 Volts

Consumption: Blue 6.4W, Red 5W


Warning Line on Floor for Forklifts

  • Industry: Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, Handling and Forklifts, Vans and Chassis cab;

    Voltage: 10 - 80V;

    Consumption: Blue 6,4W, red 5W;

    Connector: Naked cable extremity, Wiring harness;

    Color: Red/Blue;

    Cable Length: 500 mm;

    Lens Material: Polycarbonate;

    Housing Material: Aluminium;

    IP protection: IP67;

    EMC: ECE R10;